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This is a map of all of the states I’ve visited (thanks, Jen). The red ones are the ones I’ve been to and I still need to hit the green ones. Speaking of state hopping, I’m going to Utah this weekend! I’m very excited to be visiting a friend and her baby. Her husband has been called into military service and leaves to go overseas early next month (he’s currently away on base), so it will be just us girls. Besides the fun girly times of griping and reminiscing, we will also enjoy a day of free skiing! She has ski passes given to her for her birthday and we’re going to use them. I love snow skiing, I just hope my Texas body can rapidly adjust to the weather before I spend all day in it. I know once I get going, I’ll be fine.

My how the time flies. This week has just seemed to rush by without even pausing. I have had a little time to knit for a baby shower my husband is going to this weekend. They registered for some little onesies with ducks on them, so I’m making the baby boy a pair of duck baby booties from the 50 baby booties to knit book. They are fairly easy and so cute! I just wish I would have started earlier so I could make a matching hat. Oh well, that’s life, isn’t it? Otherwise, I’m working on designing a tank top loosely based on a sweater I saw two girls in a high school wearing the other day and I’m working on getting swatches done for the swatch project I’m in. I’ve been “yarn shopping” all week, but I’m trying to hold off as the moving expenses are piling up. But, I’m missing out on so many good sales! I’m trying to convince myself that there will be more and that a refrigerator is probably more essential to my life than yarn. Oh well. If I don’t get a chance to post tommorow before I leave, enjoy a great weekend and I’ll return on Tuesday!


4 thoughts on “Travelling

  1. Have a great weekend, Sarah! Thank you for always leaving such sweet comments on my blog. it means a lot to me. I’ve really been enjoying your blog. You’ve been doing a great job.

  2. it’s so funny. compare your map to mine. they contrast each other!!! you’ve seen all of the midwest and i’ve just been to the outer coasts. hope you’re having fun skiing!!!!

  3. hey sarah – that map thing is cool – i didn’t really know until i did it that i have been to 31 states. šŸ™‚
    i have two babies to make gifts for – one may have even been born already and i’m just slower than slow. šŸ™‚ maybe i’ll just do booties instead of trying to whip out a sweater…

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