For some, this week has been full of events. I have not yet ventured out, but my husband is finally agreeing to the idea for us to head downtown tommorow. Houston is crazy right now but it’s quite fun. Reliant Stadium is all lit up like Christmas. Madonna was spotted at Starbucks yesterday. Rapper Timberlan got mobbed at the Galleria today. No famous people at the grocery store tonight, though, imagine that! Thousands of people are downtown for “The Main Event”. It’s a big party with two stages and lots of concerts going on, for free. It is the Super Bowl celebration for the normal people. The parties involving famous people range in cover from $75 to $500. Tonight, Nelly and P.Diddy have different parties going on. There is also an exclusive party sponsored by Maxim magazine, called Circus Maximus. Jimmy Fallon and Pamela Anderson are a couple of the celebs expected to attend that one. A couple of television stations showed nothing but Super Bowl Festivity coverage all evening, and my husband has been fascinated by it. It truly is madness. I had no idea that so many events revolved around the Super Bowl! For an up to the tenth of a second countdown, check out the official superbowl website. Stay tuned here for your Knitting Correspondent updates. I’m hoping to get some fun pictures tommorow night and then provide you with an outsider’s perspective on Sunday. It will be weird to watch the game on television and then look out the window behind me to see the stadium!

Speaking of knitting, I left my ribby shell in progress in the car tonight and it’s too cold for me to go out in my pajama pants to get it, so I will commence knitting on that in between homework tommorow. We’re also going to visit our house tommorow! We’ve been building a house since October, and as of this week, we finally have walls and kitchen cabinets. We’re planning to head out to see all of that tommorow morning so we can actually get back to our apartment. That will probably be the last time we leave by car until Monday morning. Tommorow night, we’ll take the new metrorail downtown so we won’t have to fight traffic. For tonight, I’m going to get some rest after a very long week.


2 thoughts on “(Un)Eventful

  1. Whoa – sounds crazy. Although, I am real sucker for celebrity sightings….but staying inside and knitting sounds absolutely wonderful. Hope you had fun taking pics and seeing the house (yay walls and cabinets)! Can’t wait to see the Ribby shell!

  2. so are you glad the hype is all over? i was getting updates from my mom constantly – she said houston was a mad scene all week. it’s funny for me to think of, since new york is a mad scene all year. 😉

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