Super Week

bowl of celebrities
So many people are in Houston for the Super Bowl. Today, J Lo and Cameron Diaz were spotted shopping at the Galleria. Steven Tyler (Aerosmith) was found at the Johnson Space Center shooting some footage for something, maybe the pregame show*. Did I spot them? No, but their sightings were reported through various media outlets. I was working and going to school…oh, the normal life, or would it be the simple life? I am stuck between feeling excited that these people are here and disappointed that my daily life goes on and I will miss most of the star sightings. Oh well, I see them all on television enough. Signs of the Super Bowl presence were everywhere, even in the skies where today while sitting in traffic I spotted the Good Year Blimp.

non-super knitting
I did get to do a little KIP-ing (knitting in public) today while staffing a table this morning. I made some progress on my Ribby Tank, but it was minimal. I went straight from work to a meeting to class and tommorow holds the same plan. I am tired. My planned hibernation should come in handy on Friday. Movies, food, my husband, my dog, and a weekend spent at home. Sounds great, as long as you overlook the book I need to read, the paper I need to write and the research I need to complete. But, I must take one day at a time and worry about all of that on Saturday (and remember the glass is half full). I need to relax and knit Friday night, for my sanity’s sake.

*this just in, they were filming a public service announcement with astronauts


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