Good Mail Day! 

nerves and excitement
Yesterday, I came home to a nice little box from the guys at Threadbear! I had just placed my order at the end of last week and they got it out to me SO quickly. I also got to talk to Rob on the phone on Sunday, and I feel like a dork about this, which made me nervous at first. πŸ™‚ I guess you just don’t realize that you’ve never really spoken to these people since you’ve corresponded with them so much and when I went to make that call, I was nervous. Nervous about what? I don’t know. But, my nerves were put at ease very quickly because he’s as nice on the phone as he is in email*. So, to the good stuff. I received a ball winder (how have I lived without one), two skeins of cotton chenille for a couple of flower washcloths, two skeins of koigu in this great purple and green colorway and two size 1 circulars so I could learn to knit socks with circulars instead of dpns.

sss sos
Amanda (and perhaps others) has used the term SSS to stand for Second Sock Syndrome and man did I have a case of it. I got to going on the ribby shell and just couldn’t bring myself to pick up those itty bitty needles again. The Threadbear box-o-treats cured that, though. Last night, I figured out how to knit socks with two circulars and I have made it through all of the toe increases (on Wendy’s toe up pattern). I know that’s not very far, but it took me a long time to figure out how everything worked on the circular needles. I’m quite impressed that I was able to get a handle on the technique in one night, though.

school’s back
Tonight I go back to school. This will be my last semester of classes and in the fall I will defend my thesis. That means that this semester I have to start working on my thesis, which makes me really nervous! I have a topic, now I just need a committee, the data, and an insanely long paper. πŸ™‚ No problem right? It may get hectic, but I have enjoyed posting more regularly so I’m going to try to keep it up. Maybe today the GSRP box will be waiting for me, to take my mind off of all the school!

*not that I thought he’d be dr. jekyll or something, but I guess you never know. πŸ˜‰


9 thoughts on “Good Mail Day! 

  1. Hi Sarah B!
    You look really cute in your new hat, and I think your BNS looks good! Congrats on socks on circs…it can really be a timesaver…plus learning some new technique makes it seem fun to knit the second sock!

  2. Don’t frog that hat–it’s very cute!
    I hadn’t ever corresponded with the Threadbear guys before I went last Friday, but they couldn’t be nicer people. I’m glad you got your stuff so fast. Have fun with the socks & don’t stress out too much over school πŸ™‚

  3. Glad at least one knitting box came to you! I’ve got my fingers crossed that Fair Isle will be waiting for you soon! Good luck with school, I made it through seven years in a Ph.D. track, even wrote the thesis, but then decided not to try and defend it. Hope you have a better subject than me!

  4. Good luck on your thesis. I’m going to predict that you’ll get TONS of knitting done–I managed to complete a queen-sized quilt when I was working on mine, and the house has never been so clean… I don’t know what it is about theses, but as soon as you get going on the thing there comes an almost overwhelming urge to do…anything else that isn’t the thesis. Weird, but true.

  5. I was just playing “catch-up” on my blog reading, and saw your post about the needle holders. I couldn’t make the clear pockets, but I could totally make you any of those cases. What color fabric or what sort of pattern do you want?

  6. Heya Heya……….
    I feel like I should break into a cuss-word infiltrated Turrette’s attack or something….LOL
    Glad you liked the goodies……ENJOY TO THE FULLEST!

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