A Hat…sort of

I finished the Calmer Hat. I knew it would knit up quickly, and I just really worked on it last night and a bit today to finish it up. It is super soft and has confirmed that I like this yarn. Ummm…I think that I made a few mistakes. First, it is entirely too wide. My swatch had one gauge and it looks like my actual knitting of the hat had a completely different gauge. Second, I wanted the ribbing to be subtle, but I should have followed the pattern more closely to make the ribbing thicker so it would have more of the intended effect. I am trying to decide between sending it on a swim in some warm water and blocking in an attempt for it to become the right size and shape or taking it for a swim in the frog pond. For now, it will remain as is.


I must give credit to my lovely model, the hideous lamp that my husband picked up in college masked by a not so hideous lamp shade I try to hide it with. There’s something wrong when my hat fits the lamp which is twice as large as my head. 🙂 Next up, tackling the second sock syndrome!


One thought on “A Hat…sort of

  1. I don’t think you can block a Calmer hat smaller because of the cotton. However, it’s so delicious that you probably won’t mind knitting it again if you decide to go that route. :^)

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