Taking Inventory

At least once a year, most shops close up to take an inventory. They count all of the things they have in the store and evaluate what they need to add. I’ve been doing a lot of evaluating in the new year, that’s one of the things I love about a “new” year is the chance to stop after the holiday rush and evaluate things. So, it seems only logical that I would take some time to evaluate my knitting, as it is my primary outlet outside of my work, school and family. I am posting it here, not necessarily because I think you will find it infinitely interesting, but because I need it to be located in a central place to be able to re-visit it.
Here is my 2004 Knitting Inventory

projects in progress
1. Crazy Color Socks – one finished, one to go
2. Calmer Hat – not very far into this one but it should knit up quickly.
3. Zoe – My lovely Zoe did not get finished before it got cool outside so she sits in my knitting basket. I
want to revisit her soon since I love her cables and will soon be able to wear a short sleeve top.

projects I have yarn for
1. Baby stuff – I ordered a bunch of baby yarn in primary colors when my friend was pregnant and didn’t
end up using them for her baby, yet. I have two babies to knit for, one boy and one girl, so this yarn
should be great for some hats and maybe a sweater or two.
2. Two Old Bags Felted Tote – I have some leftover Cascade 220 from my Suki that I made pint-sized and
I have made a felted tote for everyone but me, so now it is my turn.
3. Tank out of black Cotton Fleece – I originally planned to make a cardigan out of this yarn, but ended up
with two different dye lots. I think some of it will go in the stash reduction box and the other of it will
make a tank for me. Now for a pattern…

projects in limbo
1. Grover – He’s great, really, but I don’t like his zipper. I bought a zipper that was too small and it doesn’t
go up high enough. I have hooks and eyes and that may be a better option, now to take out the zipper
and put in hooks and eyes before it’s too warm to wear him.
2. Fuzzy Feet – I have a pair of fuzzy feet that were supposed to be a Christmas present for my step-
sister. They aren’t finished (not even one of them) and I’m just not excited about them so she may get
something else as a belated gift.

tasks to complete before buying more yarn
1. Clean out the basket beside the couch – it currently holds books, magazines, yarn, needles, and other
assorted items. I need to clean it out so it will be functional again instead of over-flowing.
2. Sort the bags of yarn in the closet – there are only two of them, mostly odd balls, I just need to sort
them and put them in plain site so I might use them eventually.
3. Clean out the shoe organizer (which I have converted to a yarn organizer) in my closet – part of this will
be accomplished by knitting up some of the yarn, but I do need to rid myself of the yarn I know I will
not use.

2004 knitting goals
1. Learn to knit Fair Isle – This will be accomplished through the threadybear knitalong. My mom has
shown me the general technique, now I just have to put it into action. I am expecting much frogging to
occur, but “no pain, no gain”, right? In the end, my favorite stuffed pig, Babe, will have a sweater to
compliment his complexion.
2. Learn to knit 2 socks on 2 circs – or even just one sock on 2 circs. I felt like I needed to learn how to
knit socks on DPN’s just to prove to myself that I could, but I think I will like circs better, so that’s a
definite goal.
3. Start to obtain nice things in my knitting supply collection. I have some needles that have seen their
day (they were cheap to begin with and have been used beyond their lifespan) and I want to replace
them with new ones that will last longer. I also want to get a ball winder and maybe a swift to make
that task easier. I just want to have the supplies to make my knitting life a bit more enjoyable (if that’s

Wow! That’s quite a list. Can you tell I’m a list maker? Well, this all gives me a starting point. I’m going to try to hold off on buying some more yarn until I make progress on some of my current projects and stash. But, I’m by no means putting myself on a yarn diet. Just making some progress so I’ll have more room for more yarn!


4 thoughts on “Taking Inventory

  1. You *definitely* need a ball winder, woman! I don’t know what I ever did without one. You can usually find ’em on eBay for $25-$35. Good luck with everything else on the list. You can do it! 🙂

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