In Search of…

“normal life”
Well, I put the fam on the plane this afternoon as the official end of our holiday festivities. For the past month we have travelled and entertained through Thanksgiving, two weddings, Christmas, New Years and Christmas again with my family. We love everyone we’ve had a chance to spend time with but we are tired. I am so excited to return to my normal schedule. Tommorow I will return to work and in a couple of weeks school will begin again. My husband and I are going to start working out and enjoy some time alone. I never realized what a creature of habit I am.

I haven’t knit in a few days. I just haven’t had time. Now, I’m trying to figure out what I want to work on. I have a few things in progress that I would like to complete. First of all, I want to finish a hat in Calmer that I started just so I could play with the yarn and my second sock in Regia Stretch. I also have Zoe, a Karabella top in Zodiac, that I want to dive into this spring as well. It’s cool here but won’t stay that way for long, so I’m beginning to focus on summer sweaters and tops. So, I spent some time today looking at patterns and books that my Christmas money may go towards. For now, my goal is to finish the Calmer hat and the sock. Then, I’ll decide if Zoe is next or if I want to go on to another summer top. Summer starts here in March so it’s time to get busy on my summer wardrobe!


3 thoughts on “In Search of…

  1. Hey!
    Hope you get some time to chill out on the way back to “normal life.” It takes a lot of energy to entertain people doesn’t it?
    Even though I got sucked into a project for someone’s baby (my choice) I am still determined to make myself a sweater this year, and I better do it before the end of the cold weather!
    Good luck with your knitting, it sounds like those summery projects will be really nice.

  2. I used to feel trapped by routine, now after two weeks without one, I am craving a return to it. Hope you can settle into a nice one that involves lots of knitting time.

  3. I cannot believe how many things you have had going on in the past month! I’m impressed that even with you being so busy, you’ve been a great blogger and a frequent visitor to my blog. You must be super organized!

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