The Year of…

new beginnings
I like New Years. Somehow each year it give me the chance to reflect on the previous year and look forward to the blank slate that lies ahead. I am excited about getting to know people better and making efforts to improve in the coming year. Among my resolutions are the typical ones (working out, eating right) and less common goals such as persevering through the end of my masters degree and doing something encouraging and out of the blue for a friend at least once a month. I don’t typically make resolutions, but this year, I am.

knitting for me
Over the past year, I have greatly improved in my knitting abilities. I have created my first and second garment where fit matters. They have some issues, but they are wearable. I have also learned to knit socks and to felt (from the felting king himself). I cannot bring things out of my closet to show you, however, as the Chicknits guru can because I have only kept two items that I have created. So, this year, I am knitting for myself. I’m holding Heidi to her promise to keep something for herself, too. 🙂

Tonight, a couple friends of ours (the beautiful bride from a couple of weeks ago and her husband) are coming over for dinner and to celebrate the New Year. It will be fairly low key, but that’s just as I would like it. No worries about who is driving or anything since they’ll probably crash here. Speaking of, they are on their way so I have to get things ready! Thanks to all in the blog world for a great year of learning, laughter and friendship! Happy New Year!!!


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