Christmas Chaos

Okay, not really. My Christmas has finally become relaxing. I am just hanging out at my in-law’s house. There are a ton of goodies for snacking out today and tonight we will eat a big dinner and open presents. Then, tommorow I head back to Houston and begin the crazy time associated with the wedding I’m in this weekend. So, I’m enjoying my relaxing time. Yesterday and today I made a baby hat for my friend Jen’s baby who will be visiting from Christmas day through the weekend. It’s pink and very fuzzy. I’ll post pics when I have a chance. The only frustration has been some emails about school stuff. It’s annoying because we are OUT of school on holiday break. Which to me means, don’t bother me. 🙂 But, they are emailing about things I have committed myself to so I guess I have to follow through with them. I suppose I’m getting a bit tired of school, but I’m almost finished with my masters. Maybe the satisfaction of finishing will propel me into my doctorate. Well, I’m going to go snack and enjoy my day or so of doing nothing. Wishing you all a safe and relaxing holiday, many of us need it!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Chaos

  1. Did you have a nice Christmas? I can’t believe you had two weddings this month! I am excited for you that you are so close to finishing your masters!

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