Winding Down a Year

what happened to 2003?
I’m always excited and fascinated by the year end wrap-ups each year. I think it began when I was about 9 and stayed glued to my radio all new years day to hear the top songs of the year. Something about revisiting the year before makes me ready to face the next one and brings back the great memories I have collected over the past year. Today I found CNN’s year in review and their entertainment wrap-up for the year.

I will be attending a wedding. It will probably be pretty long since it’s a Catholic wedding (no offense to you Catholic folks, I just grew up with wedding ceremonies lasting about 20 minutes and receptions comprised of cake, punch, bouquet throwing and hitting the road, ours was a bit longer than that). It should be fun, though. It’s a friend of mine from graduate school and they are having a full buffet, open bar and a dance, which should be entertaining at the very least. We’re also going to try to go see our house this morning. We are building a house and are told that progress has been made this week so we’re going to go see what has developed. Otherwise, our weekend will involve more Christmas shopping. I’m one of those silly folks that loves last minute Christmas shopping. The hustle and bustle is exciting. Hopefully, somewhere in here I’ll be able to finish my mother-in-laws scarf so I can do something for ME and work on some baby hats for my friend’s baby.

What are you guys hoping to find under the Christmas tree? I am definitely an “it’s the thought that counts” kind of girl but I would love to find a membership to Rowan or some Threadbear credit under the tree. I’m going to “gift” myself on New Years’ Eve when my LYS is having a 20% off customer appreciation sale. Oh, what to buy? I’m so blessed just to have people who care about me to buy me presents, that the presents don’t really matter, but they’re fun! Speaking of, gotta go get ready so I can buy some!


3 thoughts on “Winding Down a Year

  1. Hey, nice new design! I really like the colors. I’ve been messing around with CSS trying to change mine up but I’m just not good at it yet…I will be one day.
    I love the countdowns too! Yay for cheesy TV and radio… πŸ™‚
    I hope you get lots o’ yarn for Christmas.

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