Flying By

I feel like I just posted, but then I look at the date to realize that I haven’t posted since the 11th. Time is just flying by. My husband and I were both in a wedding this weekend, which kept us busier than most, so we didn’t do anything but sleep on Sunday. I told him I was too tired to even knit and he knew it was major. So, I picked up the ole’ needles last night and finished my sock! Yippee!!! It’s only an ankle sock really because I wasted so much yarn from the other skein in my 18 previous attempts at socks that I didn’t want to risk running out of yarn. Otherwise, I think I’ll cast on for my MIL’s scarf today. I only have 9 days to get it done. Less that that, really. I’d like to finish it by Monday, when we leave for their house. I hope to avoid last year’s drama of hiding in a back room trying to feverishly finish their afghan. 🙂

I’m also enjoying last minute Christmas shopping. I really had done very little Christmas shopping (with the exception of my Christmas kntting) until yesterday. I am beginning to play catch up. I’m hitting a different store just about every evening this week so that I can finish by the weekend. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

and bustle
We’re also the last minute decorators. We went to the tree lots on Sunday and picked out a very sad tree. It really wanted a home and was one of only 12 or so left. We got $10 off, which is good, and took our sad tree home. It’s beginning to look better. I put the lights on it last night and you can see it from the street in our window. Tonight, we’ll try to get some ornaments on it and the completely hideous tree topper that we bought last year. We plan to keep the tree topper for a long time, until our now fictional kids complain about how ugly it is and ask why we use it and we can tell them the story of our first Christmas together when we had a Charlie Brown tree and only spent $5 on this tree topper so we could buy presents. 🙂 Hope your holidays are looking bright!


2 thoughts on “Flying By

  1. I love hearing about your tree. I know it’ll be wonderful. And the more lore you can cook up, the better. My brother and his wife decorated their first tree with baggage tags–they were in London that year, with no dough and a tiny tree. They still decorate with those tags, twenty years later.
    Twenty years! Impossible that so much time has passed.
    Merry Christmas.

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