What’s My Motivation?

This weekend is devoted to my final paper for my class this semester. I really need to end with a bang because this paper is worth 30 % of my grade and I’m kind of riding the border between a B, A- and an A. Ideally, I would love to make an A. If I don’t, an A- would be okay. But, so far I have made all A’s and one A- and I really don’t want a B on my transcript. I didn’t have the greatest undergrad GPA and I want to make my graduate school GPA as strong as possible so that I can have a chance at getting into a doctoral program if I decide to go down that road. SO, knowing all of this, why can’t I get motivated to write this paper? Well, for one, he extended the deadline to Wednesday. I want to turn it in on Monday but the fact that it’s not really due until Wednesday keeps chiming in my head. Also, I have all this knitting that I would rather be doing. I am working on the never-ending fuzzy feet (they should not take this long but I’ve been distracted) and I have two scarves I want to make for Christmas. This weekend I invented a pattern for baby mitts for my friend at work whose baby girl has outgrown the baby mitts they have in the store but she still needs baby mitts. Hopefully these will fit or at least give me a starting point. They are by no means perfect but I think they’ll be functional. Finally, I am sick. I’ve been “trying” to get sick all week and this morning it officially set in. ‘Tis the season, I suppose. The weather change always does it to me and it’s just getting cold here. So, illness is always a sure fire way to make me lose all motivation. I’m not even motivated to get a Christmas tree this afternoon, which was the plan. Anyway, this has been quite a rambling post so I’ll get outta here and get to work. I have to kick myself in the butt and get going on this paper!


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