Do Something

I consider myself to be a fairly considerate and generous person. However, I just realized that I have never made something for charity. Oh, the New Years’ Resolutions start early, don’t they? I have decided that I’m going to make something. I don’t know what. Perhaps it will be a blanket for project linus or chemo caps for a local hospital. Hmmm….now just to finish my current projects so I can complete one of these. All of this was inspired by an article I found in our local paper by typing in the word knit. Inspiration comes in unexpected places.


3 thoughts on “Do Something

  1. Michaels Crafts stores take 5×9 squares knitted or crocheted for Warm Up America. They then make these into blankets for those in shelters. Just an idea.

  2. I haven’t knit for charity either. I really wanted to participate in the scarf drive, but I think it might be too late…and I have too many things in the works right now. Maybe we should have a charity-knit-along!

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