Small World

I just wanted to share a bit more about my trip. On Friday, we went shopping with my aunt and had some time to kill before going to High Tea at the Peabody Hotel in Little Rock. Who knew having afternoon tea could be so fun! I, for one, am rather uncultured and had never had afternoon tea so it was such a novel concept to me. The tea was great and at 5 p.m. they have the March of the Ducks. The ducks that are in the fountain for the day march to the elevator and back up to their little habitat on the second floor. It’s a trip. Anyway, we were killing time. So, we went to the Sauce Company to buy some Christmas gifts. I purchased a couple of things for the in-laws. It just so happened that there was a yarn store next door, so of course I had to go in. I was a bit disappointed when it was 90% embroidery stuff and 10% knitting, but this discovery made my aunt remember that there was another yarn store just down the road. We pulled up and I saw a sign for the Handworks Gallery. I was racking my brain trying to figure out why that sounded so familiar. Well, it sounds familiar because I’ve visited there countless times on-line! I felt like I was visiting somewhere famous and was greeted by a very nice knitting man at the front door. The girl at the back was nice too, and when I mentioned that I had made a felted bag with Kureyon, she said she had never tried that which spawned a fun discussion on felting. I walked out without treasures (couldn’t take too much time with the family in tow), but it was great fun to go there, peruse the shelves and show my family some of the things I like to work on!

Now, we have returned to real life and December has greeted us with a bang. Yesterday, I met with my advisor about my thesis and doctoral program opportunities. The program I am hoping to get into is very competitive so I need to apply to about 4 others. The possibility of relocating is intimidating and exciting because I not only have to think of opportunities for me but also for my husband. Today, we were getting ready for work when my husband got a phone call offering him a job about 45 minutes north of here. It would be an increase in pay and it would be closer to the doctoral program I hope to get into (in a year or so). So, what’s the glitch? We happen to be building a house on the complete other side of town. Oh, decisions, decisions. Why is it that just when you get your plans nailed down, the rug is pulled right out from under your feet? It will all work out, hopefully for the better, it is just the decision making process that is difficult. I’ll keep you posted.

PS Knitting on the Fuzzy Feet is moving right along, I hope to finish the first one tonight or tommorow night so I can get that second one knocked out and move on to my other gifts.


2 thoughts on “Small World

  1. Wait a minute. I remember being at a peabody hotel, with ducks in fountain, but I think it was in Atlanta. There’s more than one?
    Happy fuzzy feet knitting. I was dreaming about teaching someone how to make them this morning. I’ve got a couple of gift pairs I need to start.

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