Yarn Sick

missing my yarn
This is my last week on the road for work. I won’t have to travel this extensively again until next September. In the meantime, I have to focus on getting through this week. My biggest distraction has to be the enormous stash of yarn that waits for me at home. It is calling to me from four hours away, yet I can’t get to it until Friday. You see, Rob and Matt sent me my yarn order and it arrived on Monday. It contains some Noro Kureyon for a couple of felted totes, some Silk Garden for a multi-directional scarf, some Brown Sheep for a pair of Fuzzy Feet, Musique & Fizz for fun scarves, and some soft yarn for a scarf for my mother in law. All of these things will become Christmas presents if I am able to be majorly productive in the next month and a half or so.

missing my bed
Since September, I have spent around five weeks in hotels. In honor of my time in hotels, I present to you the top five weird things I’ve learned while living out of a hotel…
Number Five – The ice machine puts out more heat than a stove.
Number Four – There are more lights in my hotel room than in my entire apartment.
Number Three – Ice buckets are not insulated.
Number Two – Magnetic nametags mess up the plastic hotel key cards.
Number One – Every shower operates differently, so you have to spend ten minutes getting the water right to take a shower.

more soon, when I’m not so delirious!


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