My so-called…

I was just looking at my blog and the blogs of others and realized that I have posted a lot about my knitting the last couple of days, but not much about my life. My favorite part of other blogs are hearing about the lives of others, so here’s a bit about my life at the moment, hopefully it won’t bore you too much.

We are building a house, it’s a very exciting and intimidating process. We went out to our lot this weekend and discovered that we think they poured the wrong foundation, it’s not shaped like our house is supposed to be shaped. We are waiting to hear from the guy in charge of building our house, but it’s very nerve-wracking worrying about what they will say if it is wrong and how the builder will react. I just hope we don’t get blown off because this IS a big deal to us. It’s our first house, and while we know we will not live there forever, we want it to be something we can be proud of.

The first touch of cool air has finally hit Texas. Each morning this weekend, the cool air coming from the window chilled my nose and made me snuggle up under the covers. This is the weather I love, where it’s cool enough to wear a sweater but still enjoyable to be outside. It won’t stay like this, however, because it is supposed to be back in the 80’s tommorow. The cool weather has motivated me to finish Grover and I am halfway through with the front right, my last piece aside from finishing and the hood. Have I mentioned that this is my first sweater and I chose a pattern that Vogue Knitting rates as really hard? Yeah, luckily I didn’t know what the rating system meant before I started it. But, I’ve learned a lot and just hope I can pull off what I perceive to be the most difficult parts, the hood and installing a zipper.


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