Sleep Walking

Have you ever had a week when you knew you were awake but you just felt like you were going through the motions? That’s me this week. Part of it is travelling since it changes everything about your life and your entire schedule is predetermined for you. During my “spare time” I have been working on school stuff. I’ve only touched one of my knitting projects, Grover. I’m almost finished with the sleeves. I’m trying to see how fast I can make a sweater. We’re on a week so far. Well, my brain is fried. My husband and I are trying to make a lot of decisions right now like when to buy a house and whether to keep on of our cars and things like that, so that combined with grad school has left my brain feeling like mush. So, tonight, I am going to knit and watch tv. A good way to heal a fried brain. đŸ™‚
More when I get home tommorow!


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