Open Road

close call
This weekend has been great, nice and relaxing. Granted, I procrastinated well on my homework (oops) and now have a lot to accomplish this week. Oh, well. We didn’t do much, but we enjoyed a lot of driving in the miata! Yippee, it’s finally convertible weather again! We did have a close call with the law, however. We were driving on the freeway where the speed limit is 60 mph, my husband decided to see if the miata still had some speed in her and got it up to 80 when we heard a quick siren. As we were moving to pull over, the motorcycle cop pulled up beside us and yelled, slow it down son! Whew, that was close!

travel season
For most, travel season is the summer, when everyone takes their vacations. For me, travel season goes from about September to November. I will be travelling off and on, a week at a time, for the next several weeks. I travel throughout Texas going to college fairs to tell high school students about the school I work for. It’s a lot of fun and I’m excited to see my friends from the road. I’ll still be around as I’m bringing my laptop. I’m super excited to get out of the office. I am packing WAY too much. I am only going for a week but look like I’m leaving for months. However, I have to bring three knitting projects (I just couldn’t choose one) and my school books. Those two things alone take up a bunch of space. Plus, my laptop is huge since it’s an older one, so that takes room too. Okay, enough excuses, I’m just so afraid I will get there and have forgotten something that I’m bringing EVERYTHING! I’ll have all I need though and that’s all that matters. 🙂


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