She’s Alive!

Gabby_T-Bone 3.jpg

while you were out
We went out of town this weekend, which explains the long lull in my posts. We went to my in-laws and had a great time. It was a weekend of antique shopping. being lazy around the house and not worrying about what we were going to eat or do. I know that sounds like a simple pleasure, but sometimes I just get tired of figuring out what I want to eat or do and it’s kind of nice to let someone else take the wheel for a couple of days. T-Bone had fun, too, hanging out with Gabby the poodle, as you can see above. They even did some dancing (Gabby looks a bit possessed due to the red eye, I can’t get it to look right). At first, T-bone didn’t really know what to do with her, but she eventually taught him to play chase and they had fun wandering the property. T-Bone is a city dog so having an acre or so of land to wander to his heart’s content was a big deal.

movin’ right along
Zoe’s coming along, but it seems like she’s coming along slowly. She’s SO long and I’m doing the back now so I don’t even have the v-neck to break it up. Now that I finally have the pattern down, the challenge is over and I’m tired of it. How bratty am I? Well, I’m determined to finish and will work on her diligently so I can move on to the front. Once I get the bulk of the back finished, it will be a challenge once again because I will need to learn short rows, so I’m almost there!

attraction distraction
I’m currently being distracted by my attraction to the other projects I have on deck. I got a big box of yarn today from Paradise Fibers. They are mill-ends and I totally scored with the purple yarn. I’m a big time purple girl. I even had a purple car once (which was destroyed by tropical storm allison, but we won’t go there, long live Grover the cavelier). 🙂 So, I’m going to make a sweater with the purple yarn for me. I’m not comfortable making the first sweater I ever make for someone else, so this time I will be selfish. I think I’m going to make the Vogue Cabled Hoodie that I’ve been drooling over, but it may look better in another yarn (Rob’s given me great suggestions) so I am going to swatch for it and see how it looks. I’ve never knit something to wear with 100% wool before (just felted bags), so it should be an experience. It’s itchy to me, but this is for a hoodie so that will be okay, I just hope I can get past the itchiness to enjoy knitting with it since others talk about how great it is. Well, I’ve adequately caught you up and will post more tommorow, complete with pics of my new yarn acquisition.


4 thoughts on “She’s Alive!

  1. T-Bone is such a cutie! Sarah, you should be proud of yourself! That Zoe is coming along beautifully. And, yikes! You might get me hooked on Paradise Fibers…the prices are great and they have such a huge selection. I used to be a fiber snob…that ended a long time ago. I think once I understood gauge I figured out how to substitute yarn. So, fiber snob no more! I do have a passion for Rowan yarn though, but that’s another story :).

  2. okay, the dogs are so adorable!!! My city dogs love to have a little space to run to…isn’t it fun to watch them freak out??
    and your Zoe is beautiful. What a great color.

  3. sarah – zoe looks incredible! you are doing a terrific job. i will be starting zoe’s blue sister chloe (?) after i’m done with cleo/sprite…i’m getting there! maybe next week. keep knitting! – melissa

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