quick update

Just a few things –
1. I’m so happy Chip and Reichen won the Amazing Race. I really felt like they deserved it and actually got emotional at the end when they had everyone from the show there. What’s that about? Amazing Race making me emotional?
2. Moving along on Zoe, good progress just hitting the monotonous point, even with the cable challenges.
3. Still haven’t seemed the baby raglan, soon, really.
4. Thanks to Cheryl, I found an incredible deal on some yarn today (see comments from yesterday). Hopefully they still had the yarn in stock that I asked for. If all goes the way I planned, I got yarn for two sweaters for $53 plus shipping! Unbelieveable!
Tommorow I have a retreat with the student group I advise so I don’t get to come home. I’m going to be SO tired Saturday, but I just have to endure it and rest will be mine on Sunday. Tonight’s highlights was my boys playing (my husband and our dog). They played hard tonight and were hilarious. The dog has never slept as hard as he will tonight!


2 thoughts on “quick update

  1. Good going on the yarn! I love a bargain 🙂
    (I really enjoyed looking through the album of finished projects. Your boatneck shell came out wonderfully!)

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