I am grasping on to the last of summer. I am a summer girl at heart, which is a good thing when you live in a place that spends a majority of it’s time in summer. I love tank tops and shorts, swimming and beaches, the independence that comes from being out of school. All of that will soon come to an end (although I’ll be able to wear shorts until October at least) and school will begin for me again. I only have until monday and I’m grasping ahold of every fleeting second I can.

I’m falling hard for the idea of knitting a sweater. I found a hooding in Vogue Knitting that I really like, but man is it ever gonna cost me. It calls for a thick-to-thin yarn and I found Crystal Palace Labrador that has some colors I really like. This will be my first big major yarn purchase, as the only projects I’ve really spent money on have been summer tops. Less yarn so less expensive.

Tonight, much more progress has been made on Zoe. Theresa W. was right in that the pattern became much easier once I was able to solely have cables and not worry about the ribbing, and, Sharlyn, the cables have gotten easier! This pattern is challenging, but that has kept it very interesting. My last couple of patterns were stockinette and garter so I needed a change. Another goal this week is to complete the baby sweater, I’m procrastinating on the seaming but I’m going to finish it so I can show you all how it turned out! Thanks for being motivation!

Traditionally, I’m not an extremely superstitious person, but I ran across this quote in my new knitting journal and it made me laugh.
“Empty needles invite bad luck. Cast on for a new project as soon as you’ve bound off a completed one.”
I can’t help but think that this was created by an individual in need of an excuse to buy more yarn. You have to think through the logic on this one, cast on quick or those empty needles will stab you in the back? That’s just hilarious to me! I’m getting mental images of the needle stabbing and must digress from this topic before they become violent. 🙂


2 thoughts on “seasons

  1. Sarah,
    Thanks so much for the comment you left on my blog! When I compare what I’ve done to all the beautiful stuff everyone else is doing, I feel like I’m not making much progress. Your input made my day.
    Zoe looks beautiful!

  2. zoe does look fantastic! if you want to do a sweater and use nice yarn that’s not too expensive, i’ve found that paradise fibers has brown sheep millends and discontinued colors for very reasonable prices! i bought enough for a sweater for like $35…not bad, i think!

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