Zoe, meet the internet world. Internet world, meet Zoe.
Zoe is made from Karabella Zodiac and it’s made with a Karabella pattern (#KK203). If you’re nice she’ll even show you her cables. This is Zoe so far, almost halfway through with the back. It took me three rounds of frogging to really understand what the pattern was asking me to do and keeping track of all of the cables has been a challenge. Zoe is truly the most complicated pattern I’ve attempted so far and we’re just getting started, but it’s a pleasant challenge!

Just a reminder, I still need volunteers for the question game. C’mon, you know you want to. I promise the questions won’t be too hard!



6 thoughts on “introducing

  1. I’m doing that top too, out of Rowan Calmer. I have had to take it apart a few times, and now am re-writing it as I go. I didn’t like how the cables and the ribbed band lined up, but now I have it looking good. I used a K3 P2 rib, and changed the stitch count slightly. So a K3 panel lines up with the center cable. I love Karabella designs, but I think that the patterns could use some technical enhancement.

  2. sarah, zoe looks lovely! i haven’t started my blue version yet – i am working on amy’s cleo pattern at the moment but have managed to royally screw it up and frog it a few times. i will get it eventually. it looks to knit up really quickly once i get the pattern right. (probably similar to your experience with zoe!)

  3. Wow Sarah! It looks like you’re moving along without any problems. Don’t worry, after a couple of days the cable pattern will get easier and you’ll be knitting away like a maniac :).

  4. hi sarah! i’ll play the question game with you! don’t make ’em too hard! 😉 but isn’t it fun, like the truth of truth or dare?!? (i always picked truth!)

  5. Very lovely — looks like you’re using the same color I did. It reflects a lot of light and shows off the cables well. The cables do get easier — especially once you don’t have the ribbing to deal with and can glide all the way across. It’ll be neat to see the result!

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