jumbled thoughts

Today just started bad. I woke up this morning having had a bad dream that we had to put my dog to sleep. This is a true indication of how attached I have become to this mutt after almost two weeks. He’s such a part of my life now and I would just be devestated if I lost him. So, I woke up sad. Then, I got to work and all of my students that had signed up to help me tonight with an event flaked out on me. They aren’t coming. My mom’s flying in today so it’s not like I want to drop her off at the house and say, hey I’ll be back in a few hours. I only see her like twice a year. So, now I think my boss is going to come tonight, but it’s just crazy.

i need a housekeeper
Housekeeping is not my thing, but my mom’s coming into town today. Last night we didn’t get anything done because we had shopping to do. So, today, I get off of work at noon, have to go clean my house between 12:30 and 2 and then go pick my mom up from the airport. It’s not that she would care if my house isn’t spotless, but it’s her first time to see my apartment and I want her to see how nice it is.

when you need it the most…
it doesn’t happen. I need the relaxing moments of my needles working the yarn in a methodical way. Do I have time for that right now? No. Hopefully tonight I can finish the baby sweater I’ve been working on and get to work on my Karabella project. I think it will take my mom and I to figure out that pattern. It’s a bit above my skill level but I’m trying to push myself to get better, so it will be a challenge.


5 thoughts on “jumbled thoughts

  1. Poor Sharlyn, you learned that the hard way with Soul, huh? You made it through it though and it looks GREAT! By the way, my work crisis is resolved, one stressor out of my way. 🙂

  2. What an awful dream! When I first got my cat I was always freaked that something was going to happen to him. Not a fun feeling!
    I also need a housekeeper. Ed and I have actually talked about getting one once he starts med school. He won’t have any time to clean, and I’m not going to do all of it!

  3. I hope your day got better, Sarah! Remember: your mom is coming to visit YOU, not your apartment! (Easy for me to say, since I live in another country — if my mom were coming to visit, I’d clean for days.)

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