adventures in research

vintage knitting
Spending Sunday afternoon in the library is not my first choice of activities. I had to do some research for an independent study I’m working on. I took a break to make it fun and looked to see if we had any knitting books. Let’s just say the selection is miniscule, but I did stumble across one book. With pictures like this who could resist checking it out?

The Coed
“A good friend, work or play! If you’ve never knitted a sweater blouse, well, you should. They’re perfect with any kind of skirt – so feminine and flattering they just up and say: ‘Isn’t she pretty?'”
The book is Betty Cornell’s Teen-Age Knitting Book. I love it that in 1953 outfits were “smart”! There are actually some really fun patterns in here that I am hoping to make at some point. I especially like the argyle socks, but I haven’t even gotten through my first pair of socks, so I should probably try something a bit more simple to start with. But, I would love some argyle socks!

my not so teenage knitting
Today, the project was a baby raglan for my friend’s new baby. She celebrated her 1 week birthday yesterday and I will get to meet her and bestow gifts upon her in October. I finished the front of the baby raglan today. The entire time I have had to remind myself that this is for a little bitty baby because I keep thinking it won’t possibly be big enough. I am following the pattern so I am trusting Debbie Bliss on this one! She’s the expert. This pattern is from Debbie Bliss’ The Baby Knits Book.

one more picture…
from the Teen-Age Knitting Book. This is how I would love to spend the rest of my evening, but, I’m probably too tired even for that so I will now hit the sack. Have a great week!

knitting bathtub.jpg


3 thoughts on “adventures in research

  1. sarah – love the new blog and so excited to see you’re doing the debbie bliss pattern. it’s great fun – the sleeves seem to take much longer than i wanted them to though- they are almost as big as the front and back of the sweater! anyway – if you have extra yarn like i did, you should make some baby booties! i’ll shoot you the pattern i’m using – it’s too cute. let me know…

  2. I LOVE those pictures! They are so much fun! And I was thinking of making that baby sweater, good to see that someone I know is already making it, so I can see how it turns out!

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