I don’t like being limited. I’m the type of person that sees a challenge and tries to meet it if I feel it is worth the effort. However, I, like most everyone else, have some limitations. One of these limitations is scoliosis. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it is the curvature of the spine. Mine was initially a 75 degree curve but it is now around a 25 degree curve. We found it when I was 12 and I saw doctors about it until I was 21. Now, it’s pretty much stabilized because I have stopped growing. I had my first surgery at the age of 15 and an incredible hospital where they fused my vertebrae and put two steel rods in to hold it in place. I had my second surgery here in Houston and they removed the rods which had become bent under the force of my back. During that surgery, they discovered a problem. The bottom two or three vertebrae are having to absorb all of the impact that my entire back would normally absorb. Therefore, I cannot put undo pressure on my back. Things that I am not supposed to do include running, jumping, and most important to today, riding roller coasters.

my day at astroworld…
Today, I challenged myself. I went with two friends, their boyfriends and my husband to astroworld. I played “mom” by keeping up with everyone’s belongings while they went on rides. I was able to go on 3 rides out of the probably 15 that our group rode. My first reaction was to throw a pity party. As I sat outside of my favorite roller coaster waiting for them to come back, I started thinking about all of the things I can’t do. I just wanted to go home because I felt like I was torturing myself by watching them do something that my limitations don’t allow me to do. But, then, my perseverence kicked in and I realized all I can do. I can walk all day around a theme park and enjoy the laughter of children and screams of adults. My hands work well enough to knit to my heart’s content. I can share my thoughts through what most who know me would describe as a more than adequate vocal ability. So, my pity party quickly ended as I realized once again the many ways I am blessed. I hope sharing this story will help you remember all you are capable of doing and help you stop focusing on the ways you are limited.

knitting projects galore…
I have so many project ideas and am limited only by my knitting speed in getting them all started or finished. I don’t have much on the needles right now. I have a karabella project, which I need to pay some attention to. It’s an absolutely beautiful cap sleeved cabled top. I am rather afraid to proceed on it because I’ve reached the cables, which will challenge me. I have plans to make some baby sweater, hat and bootie sets for a friend who just had a baby. I also have a bag of yarn from Threadbear just waiting to be made into one or two felted totes. AND, I’m thinking about Christmas Presents! There’s a great project Rob is working on that’s a slightly felted scarf with eyelash yarn in it from Crystal Palace. Those will make great Christmas presents. Plus, I want to make stockings for some people, too. So many projects, so little time. For now I’ll just appreciate the progress I can make on projects, no matter how slow it happens to be.


3 thoughts on “limitations

  1. Sarah, your new blog looks so wonderful! I was redirected automatically from your old site, so it’s working. This one looks very professional.

  2. I love your story Sarah. You have reminded me that the best things about limitations are that you can look beyond them and be greatful for all the things you have in life.

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