Let’s get this party started right

Welcome to the Grand Re-Opening of One Stitch Short (minus the flags and
free hotdogs). To celebrate the occasion, I would like to let you know a
bit about what to expect and to share with you my philosophy on the blog
world. I’ve been blogging for a whopping four months so I do not pretend
to be an expert on blogs, but my philosophy is built upon what I’ve
learned so far. Please don’t read into this. This is not a shot at other blogs, in fact I read many blogs that don’t share my philosophy. This is merely an attempt to let you know what to expect. If you agree with my philosophy, then you will probably enjoy this site. If you don’t, you will probably enjoy being critical of this site. Either way, you’re reading it and I guess that’s what is important. 🙂
This blog will…
1. Contain information about knitting and life in general
I enjoy hearing about other people’s lives. I love the relationships that
I have been able to build so far just by the virtue of having a blog and
reading the blogs of others. I also do a lot of other things besides
knitting (even though knitting is one of my favorite things to do).
Therefore, you will hear about what I’m knitting, what is happening in my
life and how those two things interact.
2. Strive to encourage others as they knit and live
I almost abandoned the blog world altogether. No, I wasn’t going to stop
reading them, are you crazy? I couldn’t possible wean myself off at this
point. I was going to stop my blog. Why? Because I didn’t feel like I
had anything to contribute. I don’t want to be a person who talks just
for the sake of talking or blogs just for the sake of blogging. I’m also
not looking for my 15 seconds of internet fame through this blog (not that I think many are). So, why am I doing it? Even though I am a relatively new knitter, I think I have something to contribute. People need to see knitters of their level and their struggles and triumphs in order to motivate them to continue. I am not an expert knitter. You may not see the most revolutionary projects on this site, but hopefully my journey will encourage you. Also, I’m a relatively young person with a lot to learn and a lot of mistakes to make so you will get to share that with me too. I can offer perspective. A perspective that no one else in the world has because it’s mine. I look forward to giving you my perspective and learning through the perspectives of others.
3. Be updated regularly
This is a bland goal/philosophy but if I tell you it’s a goal, maybe it will actually happen. The blogs I read the most are updated on a regular basis. There may be extenuating circumstances that prevent this from happening, but with the convenient ways typepad allows people to update their sites, you should expect new content on this site at least every other day.

Thank you for suffering through my blog philosophy. I look forward to
sharing with you my crazy journey and to learning more about yours.
Actual content coming soon!


10 thoughts on “Let’s get this party started right

  1. I LOVE your new blog Sarah. It looks fabulous. One question–how did you get the knit ring image up without having to put a name/title? I’m having a bit of trouble with that…
    I love your header image too…so great!

  2. Wonderful philosophy! I know it’s difficult to maintain a blog that is satisfying to one’s self and at the same time is appealing to readers. I especially like the part about using your knitting to help others along the way. I really try to encourage my students to see their progress based on their own work, not mine of someone else who is perhaps much more experienced. It’s important to have goals but not at the expense of the enjoyment of the knitting process. (Does that make any sense?) And I really like the new look. Thanks.

  3. Oh Sarha, this is a beautiful site, from the photomontage hearder to the comments. I like it very much, and am glad you have decided to continue to blog. We all contribute something, whether it’s positive, negative, neutral…your contribution is definitely one of the positive ones!

  4. Hiya!
    AWESOME new blog home! VERY nice across the top.
    The felted scarf is incredible now that it’s done and dry. VERY fun. I think I’d make it a few stitches wider and not so long, but this is still a GREAT project!

  5. Ahhh…thanks for all the great comments! I’m excited about my “new” blog and how much I hope to continue to get to know you all through this blogging world of ours!

  6. wow, this looks fabulous! love the colors and everything. you did a great job! I am totally new to the blogging world, and it’s pretty cool to see your goals laid out like that….I really agree with you too. It’s nice to think that we’re accomplishing a little something with this fun stuff, right? 🙂

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