The Arrow Led Here

I had a lot of fun doing Ysolda’s Follow Your Arrow shawl mystery knit along (finished pictures below – if you’re still avoiding spoilers).  I had never done one, and it was exciting to see what was coming next each week.  I did pretty well staying up with the clues until the end, and it has taken me a while to get them finished.  This is my first one.  The second one might hibernate for a bit while I work on a few other things, but I am looking forward to getting back to it.


I did clues BBABA for this one.  It is in Anzula Haiku – a Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend.  I am always amazed by the magic of blocking a lace item.  You can see it here while it was still on the needles.  It just bloomed so beautifully and has such a great drape.  I’m still not great at pinning points so that they actually remain pointy.  I need to work on that.



It is also huge (in the best way!).  This bench is an oversized bench for two people, and it drapes over it and still doesn’t show the full shawl.  It wraps around my neck great and I know it will stay in place whichever way I wear it, which I was a bit concerned about after I did the short row part.


I’m so excited to see how the second one turns out now!

High Road CLose up

Taking the High Road

The Ravellenics totally gave me my knitting mojo back, and I’m so excited about it! I made High Road out of MadelineTosh Pashmina from my stash and joined in with the main forum moderators on Ravelry in Team DBAJ. It was a lot of fun to watch all of the great projects they worked on, too.

High Road went really quickly. I love how it is structured, in three sections. Just as I get tired of one section, I get to move onto something else. I am not a fan of picking up stitches, but I didn’t find it difficult with this pattern since you have nice selvedge edges built in.

I took my High Road to knit night so the girls could take a picture of me in it, but then I realized I could take a picture of them in it instead! So, I made each of them model for me. Yay! And then, they took one of me.

Me in High Road

Ravellenics Yarn

Opening Ceremonies

My friend Tara came over Friday night to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games and cast on for our Ravellenic Games projects! I made a patriotic fruit pizza and some little popcorn “torches”.

Opening Ceremonies

We didn’t knit much because, wow, there was a lot to see during Opening Ceremonies, but we did get started! Here’s our yarn before things got underway.

Yarn for Ravellenics...

I’ve made fairly good progress on my project. I’m making High Road out of Madelinetosh Pashmina in Tart. I love this color. Every time I see Madelinetosh I pick up this color. Finally, when we were at StevenBe’s in Minneapolis last year I bought some. I’ve still got a bit to go before doing the center short rows.

Ravellenics Knitting

Since my wrist has been annoyed lately, I’m trying to take it slowly but surely to “win the race”.

Weekend Recap

This weekend went by too fast, as they often do, but it was a good one! This weekend I…

…took C1 to his school’s fall festival, last soccer game of the season and a party with his soccer team.

…left C2 for the first time so we could go on a date night! We went out to one of our favorite spots for sushi and a new spot for drinks afterwards.

…cleared 3 bags of unused clothes from our drawers. It is so much nicer doing laundry when you have a place to put the clothes you actually wear.

…worked on C1’s Pepo Pie vest! I am hoping to get through all of the buttonholes by the end of tonight., then the decreases begin & it will go even faster.

Awesome Knitting Friends

I didn’t have local knitting friends until a little over a year ago.  I had tried to find some at shops and meet-ups but just hadn’t really clicked with people or the meet-ups didn’t fit my schedule.  It wasn’t until the Sugar Land Yarn Company opened up that I met some folks at their Cajun Knit Night on Friday nights.  Jenn and Heloise do it up right on those nights, feeding us good food and allowing us to sit and knit or crochet and of course shop.  It was there that I met some friends that I really connected with, that I can talk to about crafting and about life in general.

These awesome friends made Carson a blanket!

Blanket for Carson

All of the squares were knit and then they were joined with crochet. The border is also crochet. You can kind of see the little crochet bobbles that were worked in at a closer look.

Blanket for Carson

It is the perfect size for putting him on or for covering him up in his carseat and I just love how each one is different.  The yarn is really soft, too!  I am so grateful to have some local knitting friends and for C2 to have an awesome blanket that we will use a lot!

A big thank you to those responsible (Ravelry profile links) –  Jennifer, Julia, Kathryn, Kelly, & Tara

I swatched!

Pardon the picture, darkness snuck up on me today, but I needed to show photographic evidence that I knit not one, not two, but three swatches this weekend! :) The pattern allows your swatch to be used as a pocket which is why they are on holders. I’m not usually a swatcher so I’m quite proud that I knit and blocked swatches before starting the boys’ vests. Now I’m off to cast on!

Rhinebeck, Woo!

I realized after hauling all of our stuff to baggage check on the way to Rhinebeck that making that sort of trip with a three week old was kind of crazy. But, it was the best kind of crazy! Also, I had a ton of help once I got there. Auntie MH was our roomie for most of the trip.


Auntie Sparkli held him for me at meet-ups (she also filled in for me at Ravelry while I was on maternity leave).


Nancy came to hang with us one night & helped me prevent a near “spit up on the furniture” disaster.


And, I don’t have photographic evidence, but Ysolda, Laura, Jess, Casey, Kyle & Erica all helped out. Lots of people at the festival helped me navigate everything with a wee one, too! Having so many people taking care of us made the trip so pleasant. Oh, and I bought some stuff, too, but still need to photograph it. Coming soon!

Trick or Treat*

I don’t know if my mom meant to start a tradition of handmade costumes or if it just happened because we didn’t have the money to buy the store bought costumes that were pretty sub-par back then (ETA see the comments, should have known she did it because she’s crafty since she’s the one who set the crafty example for me :).  At any rate, my mom made all of our costumes, and because of that, I really like making costumes for the boys.

This year, C1 is all about Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  It’s pretty fun because it has characters that we are familiar with from the movies but in thirty minute episodes that hold his attention.  He decided this year he wanted to be Anakin Skywalker.

Anakin Skywalker

Given that C2 was expecting to make his arrival in September, I knew there wouldn’t be time for an elaborate costume.  This Jedi Robe tutorial seemed pretty do-able.  I traced him as suggested and made the hood smaller based on the size of the neck opening.  I added black pleather things that look like Anakin’s robe and then covered a regular belt with pleather to hold the whole thing together.

Baby Yoda

With C1 as Anakin, it was a given that C2 would have to be Yoda. Since I had him in his Moby wrap for trick or treating, his costume consisted of the yoda hat.  I was afraid of being able to make the felted version fit him right so I went with a pattern that is knit and then the ears are starched.  I couldn’t find the starch called for in the pattern, so I used a cornstarch and water method.  It worked well enough.  If I had more time, I would have starched them again for extra stiffness, but as you can see, they stuck out all Yoda-like so I can’t complain.

I was surprised by the small number of handmade costumes at C1’s school parade.  I’m afraid next year he’ll want a store bought costume, but I hope I can keep making things that he likes to wear as I have a lot of fun making them!

*I’m not going to post about why I haven’t been blogging, you can see two reasons in the pictures of this post ;) But, I am trying to get things jump started again with NaBloPoMo thanks to the power of twitter suggestion.


From the center

For Christmas, our very kind friends Bonnie and David built Cam a train table. So, I wanted to give them something nice and handmade in return. I wound up choosing Girasole and am so glad I did. It turned out beautifully! It did seem like it took forever to finish at the end, since each round had 600+ stitches, but the results are completely worth it! I had guessed on what color to use and it turns out that it will go great in her living room. It was very well received and all in all an awesome project. You can find more pictures in Ravelry.


Still Finishing

I think I may try to keep finishing things until the Ravelympics start on the day of opening ceremonies.  Ravelympics is an event where you try to complete a project (or finish several works in progress) during the span of the Olympics.  I only have a few things to go! It would be nice to be able to operate with a mostly clean slate :)

The next item up was Riley’s stocking. Yep, this should have been finished for Christmas, but it wasn’t. The back of her skirt is a little wonky, but I fixed it up a bit before I sent it so it doesn’t look quite so jagged now.

Riley's Stocking

I had started this stocking with a different pattern and hated it so I cut it and started over. All of her girl cousins have angels on their stockings, so I adapted a cross stitch pattern into this pattern. I am not a fan of intarsia, but I do it when necessary to carry on the family tradition.