Buy Me Some Peanuts and…

Crackerjacks!  Baseball season is here, and while it’s not my favorite sport to watch (sorry baseball, I’m a football girl at heart), I do like keeping track of it and going to a game when I can.  So, when I heard about the Crackerjack project, I knew I had to do it.  Basically, you knit an infinity cowl using a different color to represent a home win, away win, home loss and away loss.  Sadly, the Astros will probably have a lot of losses again this season, so I chose to use the cheery colors for losses to try to make it sting a bit less.  ;)



Here’s my color key:

Home Win:  White

Home Loss:  Blue

Away Win:  Grey

Away Loss:  Orange

I’m using Berroco Vintage.  I just got one of each color for now, I figure with the stripes it will be okay if the yarn is in a different dye lot if I need to order more.  I’m making a big smooshy long cowl.  Today is the Astros opening day so I’m excited to get started!

The Arrow Led Here

I had a lot of fun doing Ysolda’s Follow Your Arrow shawl mystery knit along (finished pictures below – if you’re still avoiding spoilers).  I had never done one, and it was exciting to see what was coming next each week.  I did pretty well staying up with the clues until the end, and it has taken me a while to get them finished.  This is my first one.  The second one might hibernate for a bit while I work on a few other things, but I am looking forward to getting back to it.


I did clues BBABA for this one.  It is in Anzula Haiku – a Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend.  I am always amazed by the magic of blocking a lace item.  You can see it here while it was still on the needles.  It just bloomed so beautifully and has such a great drape.  I’m still not great at pinning points so that they actually remain pointy.  I need to work on that.



It is also huge (in the best way!).  This bench is an oversized bench for two people, and it drapes over it and still doesn’t show the full shawl.  It wraps around my neck great and I know it will stay in place whichever way I wear it, which I was a bit concerned about after I did the short row part.


I’m so excited to see how the second one turns out now!

Following Your Arrow

I’ve never done a mystery knit-along before.  I tend to be pretty picky about the patterns I want to make, and I want to see the finished product before I make it.  But, when I heard Ysolda was doing one, I decided to give it a shot.  Well, I ended up having so much fun with it that I now have two of these shawls going!  I tried to take some sort of mysterious pictures so as to not give everything away with these shawls, but you know, if you want to be surprised, look away!


My first shawl is clues BBAB so far. I just finished the fourth clue and need to decide what to do for the fifth. If you’ve made this, you might notice that my fourth clue doesn’t have the garter stitch action…I missed that on the chart but decided to just go with it because ripping it was more dangerous than continuing.


The second one is AAB so far. I’ll start clue 4 and 5 once I finish the first shawl. The Ravelry main 6 moderators helped me pick out the colors on that one, I am loving the combination!

More on these once I get them finished!

C2’s Sweater

I made Carson a sweater for Rhinebeck, and then it was entirely too warm for him to actually wear it. Mary-Heather did take some pictures at our Rhinebeck house of him in it, but then I lost my camera (boo). The weekend after we got home, I was finally able to get some pictures of him sporting it.

Brother's Odette Sweater

The hood is a little big, but the fit is nice overall! It’s big enough to fit him through this winter, for sure. The buttons are from Jennie the Potter, and I worried that they might be a little heavy, but they really aren’t! They were the perfect touch to add a little character to his sweater. I bought more from her at Rhinebeck for future projects. She also took the baby and entertained him for a good 15 minutes, including feeding him a snack, so she’s not only a talented artist, but also an awesome mom sanity saver. :)

Brother's Odette Sweater

The pattern is Odette Hoodie. I added buttonholes all the way down, as I want it to be his winter jacket (clearly it doesn’t get that cold here), so I wanted it to close. The yarn is Plymouth Tweed, which made a great tweedy look, but is still soft enough for him. I love it and can’t wait for him to be able to wear it more.

Taking the High Road

The Ravellenics totally gave me my knitting mojo back, and I’m so excited about it! I made High Road out of MadelineTosh Pashmina from my stash and joined in with the main forum moderators on Ravelry in Team DBAJ. It was a lot of fun to watch all of the great projects they worked on, too.

High Road went really quickly. I love how it is structured, in three sections. Just as I get tired of one section, I get to move onto something else. I am not a fan of picking up stitches, but I didn’t find it difficult with this pattern since you have nice selvedge edges built in.

I took my High Road to knit night so the girls could take a picture of me in it, but then I realized I could take a picture of them in it instead! So, I made each of them model for me. Yay! And then, they took one of me.

Me in High Road

Opening Ceremonies

My friend Tara came over Friday night to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games and cast on for our Ravellenic Games projects! I made a patriotic fruit pizza and some little popcorn “torches”.

Opening Ceremonies

We didn’t knit much because, wow, there was a lot to see during Opening Ceremonies, but we did get started! Here’s our yarn before things got underway.

Yarn for Ravellenics...

I’ve made fairly good progress on my project. I’m making High Road out of Madelinetosh Pashmina in Tart. I love this color. Every time I see Madelinetosh I pick up this color. Finally, when we were at StevenBe’s in Minneapolis last year I bought some. I’ve still got a bit to go before doing the center short rows.

Ravellenics Knitting

Since my wrist has been annoyed lately, I’m trying to take it slowly but surely to “win the race”.

Holiday Knitting

I only had one thing planned to knit for Christmas presents, fingerless gloves for C1’s teacher, but then I found another gift for her that I thought would be great.  That means I don’t have any holiday knitting left to do but I do have a holiday break coming up, so I’ve been planning what to bring with me.

I’ve been promising the husband another hat for some time.  He likes the unique fibers.  His first hat was made with some Buffalo Gold 100% Bison yarn.  Here’s a detail shot of that one.

Lacunae Hat in Progress (YIP 2/8/2010)

This one will be made with some Bijou Basin Yak yarn that I have in the stash.  He wants the next hat to be more simple, so I think I’m going to make him a Turn A Square hat.

The other project in my immediate queue is a baby project.  So many babies around so I’m planning a few baby projects to send to friends.  I got some Cascade Fingering at Webs on our way back from Rhinebeck, and am planning to make a Louise Cardigan from Vintage Baby Knits with it.  I’ve had this book for a while and haven’t had a chance to make anything from it, though there are so many great patterns in it, so I’m really looking forward to making this one!

Oh, and I still have the back of one Pepo Pie to finish and you know a whole second one to make (albeit the smaller one), so I should have plenty of knitting to choose from!

Weekend Plans

* get the kid’s haircut, it’s been way too long plus I get to see him with a brightly colored mohawk.

* make a doll from the Wee Wonderfuls book. I just decided to do this today and it needs to be finished by Tuesday!

* work on Pepo Pie, should be able to finish it and block it since I’ve just got the back left.

* maybe I should add rest to this list? A little rest before the holiday madness begins would be nice!

Pepo Pie Progress

How’s that for a little alliteration ;)  Last night I made it to the arm holes on C1’s Pepo Pie.  I’m so glad I made his first, as C2’s should fly after this one.  Not that this one has been that slow.  I’ve made this much progress in a week, which I’m thinking is pretty good considering the infant and all.
Pepo Pie for C1 in progress

I love that this is basically knit in one piece with just the shoulders to seam and pockets to seam at the end.  I adore this pattern so far, and think, after two times of casting on and three swatches (oh gauge, you are a finicky one), that this is going to fit the kiddo just fine.  It’s fitted so he will likely only be able to wear it this season, but we’re going to wear the heck out of it while it fits.  And, I’ll be able to save this one for C2 someday, which is a bonus.

The goal is to finish this one up by this weekend and block it (it’s rolling like crazy) so I can hopefully get C2’s all done by Thanksgiving.  I do have a long drive to Arkansas for the holiday which should hopefully help.

Weekend Recap

This weekend went by too fast, as they often do, but it was a good one! This weekend I…

…took C1 to his school’s fall festival, last soccer game of the season and a party with his soccer team.

…left C2 for the first time so we could go on a date night! We went out to one of our favorite spots for sushi and a new spot for drinks afterwards.

…cleared 3 bags of unused clothes from our drawers. It is so much nicer doing laundry when you have a place to put the clothes you actually wear.

…worked on C1’s Pepo Pie vest! I am hoping to get through all of the buttonholes by the end of tonight., then the decreases begin & it will go even faster.



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