Advent Calendar

Advent Mosaic

We’ve done advent calendars with activities or treats before, but this year we are doing one with activities and treats each day for C1. We are using the advent calendar that I made years ago – and you can tell my sewing skills have improved since I made it – but I just finished adding the little ornaments that go into each pocket and hang on the outside when the day has passed.

So far the activities have been to select a tree at a local tree farm, decorate the tree and open a Christmas storybook that I had wrapped under the tree then read a bedtime story out of it. The treats are small things like foam stamps and a stamp pad (there are more stamps on future days), capsules that turn into animal shaped sponges in the water and Christmas themed erasers.  We have lots of activities planned for the coming 20 days and I am so excited that each day C1 wakes up asking to check the pocket on the calendar!

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2 responses to “Advent Calendar

  1. I love your Advent calendar ideas!! :D Can’t wait to hear them all!

  2. Laura Altes

    Such good ideas! I am sure he will remember it forever.

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